Rain Out Information


All rain out information will be posted on the website as soon as it becomes available.

We may also send out an email/text - (depending on what you have chosen in your USSSA team's profile)

It's our policy to provide updated information via our website and through the USSSA messaging center as soon as it become available.  WE WILL NOT CALL.  It is the team sole responsibility to maintain contact with either our website or have access to the email or text of whomever has the USSSA account.

Unfortunately, those playing the 8am games are at a disadvantage because many times we simple do not have the information on the field status before you must leave.  Many 8am games are a "game time" decision.

Suspended Games

The Umpire can only SUSPEND a game, he or she does not have the authority to cancel or "call" the tournament.

USSSA rules 7.03.C  states that if rain or bad weather suspends a game after it has begun, the game is considered "official" if the teams have played at least 3 or a 6 inning game and 4 innings for a 7 inning game.

This means the game will not be rescheduled and the team leading when the game was suspended wins. If teams have played the required innings and the tournament is continued, the game will "restart" using the home team's official book.

In the event we can not reschedule the tournament, awards, placing and points will be award based upon the highest remaining seeded teams.


It is the ultimate goal of Texas Tournament Baseball to play each and every bracket to it's conclusion; however, due to circumstance, we often have to cancel or "push" to other date and tournaments. Please review our refund policy before making any decision to withdraw from a tournament that is being moved or rescheduled to another date.

Please carefully review our refund policy.