Special Playing Request

Scheduling is a massive undertaking that occurs in a very limited amount of time.  Texas Tournament Baseball will make an effort to help teams with scheduling conflicts.  Understand, simply requesting consideration does not constitute acceptance.  Teams must be able to play at their scheduled time and all refund policies will apply.

Per USSSA, pool schedules in premier events such as Super NIT's and State Championships are seeding using USSSA Points as the criteria; therefore, NO SPECIAL REQUEST will be accepted.

In large events, it is not uncommon to receive more than 100 individual requests with some teams changing their request multiple times.  For this reason, Texas Tournament Baseball has set up a very specific process to handle all special playing request.

As a general rule, out-of-metroplex traveling teams always have first priority in scheduling pool games.  Our standard scheduling procedure, unless otherwise advised by the team, is to schedule teams traveling the furthest later in the day.  Teams within 90 miles or so of the park must be available to play as scheduled.

All SPECIAL REQUEST, must be submitted through our website at least 5 days prior to the event starting.  NO REQUEST WILL BE ACCEPTED VIA EMAIL, PHONE OR VOICE MAIL.

This helps insures several things...

  1. The actual coach or responsible party is making the request.  We have had many instances over the years where a parent has made a request and the coaching staff had no idea the request was made.
  2. The request form gives us the necessary information to evaluate and prioritize the request.  Please complete the form in COMPLETE DETAIL.
  3. All request are "Date and Time" stamped.

All requests are date and time stamped and will be considered on a first come basis.  If any team changes their original request, it will be treated a new request and moved within the list accordingly.

All requests are prioritized according to "need" with player conflicts receiving the priority.  All other conflicts will fall secondary.  Example, if "Team A" has 2 players and "Team B" has 4 players out for the same school function and both teams have request "after 4pm start times".  In looking their roster information, we find "Team A" has 10 players on their roster and Team B has 14 players listed. Team A would take priority.

When completing your request form, be as specific as possible.  Requests with NO DETAILS will be discarded without consideration and without notice.

Conflicts with "NO 8AM or 8PM games", "Last 2 games times", "afternoon games" etc, with no further explanation will be discarded without consideration and without notice.
Example, when your requests states "latest possible or last 2 game slots", you are probably thinking 6pm and 8pm.  However, if we only have 5 teams in your division and 3 of the 5 teams have legitimate requests for early AM games, our "last 2 game slots" on Saturday may be at 12 and 2.  So detail, detail, detail is necessary to be considered.

Once schedules are published, schedule changes due to a "special request" are extremely rare and may incur an additional $100 scheduling fee.


If you have any questions, please contact us at bkeasler@ or call Perry Holloway at 214.906.2556