General Park Rules

Coaches are responsible for the actions of their team, players and fans - No exception!

Violation of these policies are grounds for sanction including immediate disqualification of the coach and/or entire team.

Although we have listed the most common park rules, many city owned parks have other and more restrictive local rules.  It is the sole responsibility of each team, coach, player and fan to familiarize themselves all park rules.

Please abide by the following policies, which are for your safety and the safety of others.

  • ALL PARKS are an ALCOHOL-FREE facility - No alcoholic beverages are allowed.  Anyone found in violation will be IMMEDIATELY and indefinitely removed from the tournament.  At any time, TTB retains the right to notify the authorities.
  • FIREARMS are strictly prohibited.
  • NO PETS are allowed.
  • TOBACCO is allowed in Designated Areas Only.
  • ABUSIVE or VULGAR language is not allowed.



  • NO ONE will be allowed to take live batting practice, pick-up games or home run derby on unoccupied fields. If any team or player is caught, the team may be subject to disqualification from playing in the tournament and forfeiture of their entry fee.
  • NO ONE will be allowed to throw, bounce, kick or hit a ball of any kind against the exterior walls or fences.
  • Metal Cleats are not allow on portable mounds in several of the parks we play.