Host’s Website

Generally, the USSSA site is an extremely informative website for teams to manage their tournament registration and roster.  However, do not loose site of the LOCAL HOST'S site.

The Local Host have very little control on the content they can "post" on the USSSA site. For this reason, team will typically find the most up-to-date tournament information on the local host's site.

Example - The USSSA will only display teams that have actually entered the event, what it will not show you is where they are PAID/CONFIRMED to be scheduled.  Teams often wonder why the USSSA site may show 10 teams, but only 5 will get scheduled.  This is because the other 5 did not meet the payment deadline.

Other items such as local weather information, or specific information regard parks are other good examples of information HOST simply can't post in the USSSA site.