Local Rules (7U/8U)

This tournament is a USSSA SANCTIONED  tournament; therefore EACH team must present the following if the check-in director no later than one (1) hour before the start of their opening pool play game.

  • Copy of Official USSSA Roster/birth certificates -  Roster to be left at check-in, and
  • Proof of Insurance, and
  • Payment of all fees associated with tournament.

Rosters, birth certificate, proof of insurance and payment of tournament fees will be required BEFORE your first game.  There will be no exception and refunds will not be issued for failure to adhere to this policy.  Although matching uniforms are not required, no two players may have the same number.

This tournament will have two (2) pool games followed by a single elimination bracket.  Pool game will begin on Friday night and run through Saturday.  The elimination round will begin Sunday morning. National Sporting Events will adhere to the rules set forth by USSSA, except for those outlined below.  This list of rules is not intended to be a complete but only those that we have modified and/or feel are important enough to bring to your attention.

Bat Rule Clarification:

Every team needs to read and fully understand USSSA 7.01.C of the 2012 USSSA Official Baseball National By-Laws and Rules.  Generally, every bat must comply with new USSSA rules.


  • 1st  infraction: If the umpire discovers that the base does not conform to USSSA Rule 7.01.E until a time during or after the bat has been used in play, it shall not be grounds for declaring the batter out and/or ejection from the game.  If the umpire discovers that a bat has been used to play a ball in play AND before the next legal pitch, the DEFENSIVE team will have the choice of the result of the play or the batter being called outa and all runners returning to the base occupied before the pitch.
  • 2nd infraction: same a #1.  In addition Head Coach is ejected from the game and must serve at 1 plus 1
  • 3rd infraction: immediate forfeit of game.

Tournament Rules:

Seeding Rules -We will strictly follow the seeding presented on the USSSA site.If three or more teams have the same record, Head-to-Head will not be used as a criteria.

NO BRACKET CHANGES will be made after midnight.  We make every attempt to post game scores as soon as possible.  It is the responsibility of teams to check and make sure those scores are posted correctly.  Most posting mishaps happen because the scores on the game cards are incorrect or illegible -  even though both coaches and both umpires have signed them.

Games will be six (6)  innings.

Run rule will be in effect.

  • Twelve (15) after three (3) innings,
  • Eight (8) after four (4)  innings

POOL Game time limits will be 1 hr. 30 minutes per game.  BRACKET GAME time limits will be 1 hr. 30 minutes per game except for the Championship Game which will be played with a 1 hr and 30 minute hour time limit, if conditions allow.

Due to weather conditions or other factors, time limits may be modified, at any time, in order to complete the tournament.

During pool play, a game can end in a tie; however in bracket play, a winner must be determined.

During bracket play only, if any game ends with the scored tied AND official time has expired, the game will continue using a modified tie-breaker as outlined in the following:

Modified Tie-Breaker

  • Each half inning will start with the bases loaded and one (1) out.
  • Each team will continue the batting order from the previous inning, with the three (3) previous batters( NOT OUTS) occupying the bases, with the last batter occupying 1st base, the next batter occupying 2nd base and the 3rd batter occupying 3rd base.
  • The game will continue until a winner is determined.Example: The game ends in a 3-3 tie. The visiting team determines the # 4 batter is due up.  The team will put the # 3 batter on first, the # 2 batter on second, and the # 1 batter on 3rd.  There will be one out in the inning and both teams will play like this until a winner is decided

The adult pitcher from the team at bat must be stationed behind the pitching rubber and must make every attempt to move.

Pitcher coach will not talk to or coach any runner or batter while he/she is on the field.  If in the judgment of the umpire, the pitcher is coaching the batter and/or runner will be called out.  The Pitcher coach must call "time" (and it must be granted) in order to talk to the base coaches.

No intentional walks.

There will be NO FOUL ARC between home plate and pitchers mound.

Each team is required to ROSTER BAT. In short, all players listed on the official roster AND in attendance will bat in a continuous rotations during the game.  Late arriving players shall immediately be placed at the end of the existing batting order.  If any player is lost for any reason (such as injury, illness, etc), an out will be recorded each time the player is to appear at the plate.  The injured/illness player may return to his/her original batting place.

Teams may play with eight player; however an out will be recorded for the 9th and 10th batter.  Same applies with only 9 players, a team may play with 9; however, an out will be recorded for the 10th batter.
A lineup card should be presented to the umpire-in-chief during the pre-game meeting and should list the full name, jersey number and fielding positions of each player in the batting order. If a designated hitter is to be used, the lineup card should designate which hitter is to be the designated hitter.Potential substitute players should be listed by player’s name and jersey number.; The inadvertent omission(s) of a potential substitute player will not render the player ineligible to enter the game so long as the player is listed on the teams USSSA roster.

Maximum of seven (7) runs per inning or three (3) outs will constitute the complete 1/2 inning.

Base-runners may not leave the base until the ball is hit or the ball crosses the plate.

PENALTY: The runner is out.  Base stealing in NOT allowed unless a defensive player (including the pitcher) makes a play to the base occupied by the runner.  Any defensive throw to any base allows all runners to advance at their own risk

During tournament play, there is no warm up infield on the game field.

Any runner that does not attempt to avoid contact with a fielder who HAS THE BALL and waiting to make the tag will be call out and the ball is dead.  Any runner CRASHING into a fielder who HAS THE BALL and waiting to make the tag will be ejected from the game and both teams will be warned.  This is a judgment call by the umpire on the field.

Home/Visitor does not determine dugout assignments (i.e. first come first serve).

Home team will be responsible for the official book.  Visitors will be require to operate the scoreboard.

A coin flip by the coaches before the umpires arrive at the field before each game will determine the home team. During bracket play the team with the highest seed will be home team.

Upon completion of the game, umpires will return game cards to the tournament official.

Game cards will contain the final scores and pitching stats for that game.  When you sign a game card, you are agreeing that the information on the card is correct.  Any objections to the umpires game card will require  both coaches be present with their respective scorebooks.

Any coach not showing up to sign the game card within 30 minutes of the end of the game forfeits his ability to protest the card.

There will be no changes to game cards after the managers have signed or the allotted time to sign has expired.