Making Payment Through the My Coach’s Home Page

To make to process easier and more accurate, routine tasks, such as making payments, requesting refunds, making tournament transfers or withdrawing, are all handled through the TTB “My Coach’s Home Page”.

When a team registered through the USSSA site, our website imports the registration information into our system and sends an email with the team’s log in credential.  Emails are sent to address of record within the USSSA system.

My team or tournament does not show up on "My Coach's Home Page?

This is typically an issue of using the proper login credentials.  As stated above the account and credentials are set up and emailed to whomever has the USSSA account.  Since we use the "official" email address contained within the USSSA website, your account credentials are setup and sent to that email address.

If you had a previous TTB account and changed your email address or the team's USSSA account is setup under a different name, your credential may have changed.  As stated above, the credential associated with the registration were emailed to the email address contained within the registration information.  You may want to double check your spam filters.

The process is easy and only takes a couple of minutes.

To complete the payment process...

  1. Log into your TTB Account - Your credentials were emailed to the email address of record for USSSA when we imported your USSSA registration into our system.
  2. Click on "Tournaments My Team has Joined"
  3. Click on "PAY NOW" button that is associated with the appropriate tournament .  You can pay your registration fee, gate fees or both.  Payment will be credited to your account immediate and your CONFIRMED status on the website will be updated as well.  We use PayPal as processor.  You DO NOT have to have a PayPal account.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or call Perry Holloway at 214.906.2556