WS Playing Rules

Texas Tournament Baseball will default to all USSSA National Rules published at the time of the tournament.

Rules and Legal Information:

General Information:

  • 2 baseball's will be provided for each game.  Team MUST be prepared to provided additional baseball, if needed.
  • Home team will be responsible for the Official Book
  • Visitor team will be responsible for operating the scoreboard

AT NO TIME WILL OUR STAFF DISCUSS PITCHING SCENARIOS, "WHAT IF" OR LIMITS. Any verbal answer that may be received or implied by park staff will still be the DIRECT responsibility of the team to make sure their players are within the pitching guidelines. It is easy to be confused when talking about pitching and typically park staff does not have all of the needed information when the "question" is posed. We will treat any "can we check on XYZ" as a protest and a $100 CASH fee must be paid to continue the protest. All protest rules will apply.

Please use the link to "Pitching Cheat Sheet" along with the National USSSA Rule Book to determine what pitching you have left each day.

Any GENERAL RULE CHANGES specific for this tournament will be published on this page. Please closely review the following addition, addendum or modification.

In the event of inclement weather and TTB must make ANY format changes, we will seek USSSA's permission before doing so