Tara Sawyer Special Request

Coach/Parent/Fan -

Due to the sheer size of this event (300+ teams), special requests are very difficult at best.  Only a fraction of the request will be meet.


As a reminder, USSSA does NOT freeze rosters in the fall; therefore, you can add as many players as you need to your fall roster. With that said, all USSSA roster rules will apply as they relate to players playing on 2 teams in the same tournament.

Scheduling is a daunting task that will take several days to complete.  To complicate an already almost impossible task, we have collected well more than 100 special requests and now are receiving modifications to the original request.
Unfortunately, per USSSA rules, a team can not "no show" a pool game and advance to bracket. If your conflicts are such that you do not want to chance it, you need to withdraw NO LATER THAN FRIDAY 5pm. NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUES FOR DROPS AFTER TODAY at MIDNIGHT.

Generally, request will fall into 1 of 5 categories....

All requests are placed in date order from the date of the LAST update.  Example, if a team registers, with no request, on Aug 30, then submits a request on Sept 2 and updates that request on Sept 24.  Their special request priority will be AFTER all the special request received before Sept 24, regardless of when they registered or when they paid.

  1. Category 1: Requests with detailed start/finish times, type of conflict, number of players, length of conflict and location  Our form is very specific  - detail, detail, detail.
  2. Category 2: Requests with "general detail" such as "3 players with football game at 9:30am"
  3. Category 3: PLAYER requests with no detail, such as "need later afternoon games because of football"
  4. Category 4: Coach conflicts such as "need afternoon games because I coach a league t-ball team in the morning"
  5. Completely Disregarded: Special requests with no information other than No 8AM game or Need Late Games".

Here is an example:

We have a team that submitted a SPECIAL REQUEST stating they have 5 players playing football on Saturday and MUST play Friday night or they will have to withdraw.  We asked for more details.

The details the team sent back went as follows: they have 1 player with 8am 2 hr football game,  1 player with a 2hr 9:30am game, 2 players with a 12:00 Noon game, 1 player with a 2:30pm game.  This team has a roster of 13 players; therefore, they can realistically play at any time and still have enough players to field a team as opposed to a team that has 5 players on the same football team and a roster of 12.

Teams (non-traveling) that have submitted request NEED TO BE PREPARED TO PLAY FRIDAY NIGHT as this is the ONLY way to clear many of the conflicts.

Once schedules are printed, we will have LITTLE OR NO room to make changes unless it is TEAM for TEAM and because we will be getting ready for the event, chasing teams down for those types of changes will be very very low on the priority levels.

Click her for instructions on submitting a special request