Team Check-In and Skills Competition

This is for the U13AA bracket ONLY.
All other brackets need to follow the instructions given to them by their Director.

Breckenridge Park
3400 Brand Rd, Richardson
TX, 75082


 Mandatory Coach's Meeting - 8:30am

Each team is required to have at least 1 person attend the Mandatory Coach's Meeting.   A roll call will be made.

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss several very important topics for the week, such as gate passes, pitch rules, protest, etc.  It will be the sole responsibility of each team to discriminate the information to their team, parents and fans.

Team Check In - 8:30am - 12Noon

Team check in will occur between 9am and 12noon at Breckenridge Park, Richardson Texas.

One person from each team needs to visit the "Check In  Station(s)". There is NO assigned times.  You should have plenty of time before, during and after the skills competition.

TEAMS WILL RECEIVE THEIR COACH'S PASSES.  Teams failing to check in during this time will NOT receive their 3 passes.

Please have the follow:

  1. 2 printed rosters - rosters need to be printed within 24 hours of check in.  You DO NOT have to have players and parents signatures.
  2. Player Birth Certificates (original or copies).  To expedite the process, please have your B/C in ROSTER ORDER.
  3. Hospital Certificates ARE NOT accepted, only government issued forms of identification are accepted.

Skills and Drills Competition 9:30am

Although we conduct our Skills Competition a little differently, we will use rules posted at  Everyone will need to be in place no later than 930am.  There are NO assigned times.   Typically we can finish in about 1:30 or so. We will discuss this further at the Coach's Meeting.

  1. Infield Around the Horn and Team Timed
    1. These events will run SIMULTANEOUSLY.
      1. Around the Horn - - Field 1
      2. Team Timed Base Running  - Field 2
    2. Team participants need to be staged at each field beforehand.
  2. Home Run Derby
    1. We will follow the USSSA posted rules, with the follow exception.
      1. Players will the same number of HOME RUNS will be advance to the next round.
      2. Each round will follow the USSSA rules
      3. Rounds will continue until a winner can be determined.
    2. The Home Run Derby will occur AFTER the Around the Horn and Time Base Running Competition.