Tournament Location Changed (Overflow)

It is always best to keep track of individual tournament details is through the LOCAL HOST'S site.  Field location is a perfect example. The USSSA site only allows 1 location per event (bracket) to be listed on their site; therefore if a host has to "overflow" into another facility they must decimate that information in some other location such as their website or within the tournament information narrative within the USSSA site.

With many USSSA events regularly exceeding 100+ teams, there simple are not park equipped to handle that many teams.  This leave the host with 2 options

  • Limit registration, or
  • Move to other locations.

In either scenario teams are playing elsewhere.

This is has become the "new norm" in Metroplex USSSA baseball.

The listed facility for this or any event will be the "main" park and subject to change at any time. TTB reserves the right to use alternate locations as needed. We will make every effort to communicate this information as soon as it becomes available. Please understand the information may not be known until registration is closed.