Tournament Rules

We strive to provide each team with a fair tournament.  All teams who register for a TTB tournament should have a clear understanding of the current set of  USSSA rules in order to gain a full understanding of all rules and procedures prior to the start of the tournament. If you have any questions, please contact us or locate one of our director staff prior to the start of the game.

Unless outlined in our "Playing Rules", we will follow the USSSA National Rules. From time to time we may have to modify rules due to playing the weather, playing condition, or to accommodate certain local park rules.

Tournament Format:

Tournaments are typically a 3-game minimum (weather permitting) unless posted on the schedule as another format. Whenever possible, the tournament will consist of two pool games and a single-elimination tournament. Pool games will begin Friday night or Saturday morning with the brackets scheduled for Sunday. Schedules will be made public on Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning.


On occasion, a tournament will exceed the number of fields at the "listed park." In this case, we will do our best to seek alternate fields so everyone that wants to play can. In doing so, the alternate fields may be some distance from the originally listed park.  Travel is part of "playing tournament baseball" and we do not consider travel within the Metroplex a hardship.  Most facilities can handle 40-60 teams, with only a handful of facilities having the capacity to handle 80+ teams; therefore, if ANY tournament exceeds 40-60 teams, you need to be prepared to play in an alternate facility. Unless undue hardship can be demonstrated (travel time is not considered an "undue hardship"), our refund policy WILL REMAINS IN EFFECT.

All teams should be ready to present team and player documentation listed within the Checklist section at any time during the tournament - for example during a roster protest.  It is the sole responsibility of the coach/manager to ensure the accuracy of their roster information - names and birthday MUST match the player's birth certificate.  No roster changes can be made after the start of the team's first game.

Coach / Manager Checklist

The following items should be brought to the park.  If upon request, any of these items can not be located, the team will be removed from the event.

  • Official USSSA Roster
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Park Rules

Please review the refund policy before withdrawing from any tournament.

Park Rules

Please read our General Park Rules before coming to the park. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND looking online to see if your individual park has specific rules particular to that facility or city.

NO DOGS (no matter the size) should be brought to the park. In addition, many parks do not allow such things as, cooler, totes, outside food or beverages, noisemakers, etc. Again, please check with the specific facility.