TSMC – Deadline and Payments

With more than 300+ teams registered, we are forced to make several changes to our standard payment policy.  PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING.

Due to the size of the Tara Sawyer event, ALL FEES, including GATE FEES MUST BE PAID no later than Saturday, September 23th.  All FEES MUST BE PAID in order to be scheduled.

Deadline to withdrawn is Saturday September 24th.

We ONLY schedule teams that are fully paid and CONFIRMED on our website.

Please check our (NOT USSSA) website’s “Who’s Coming Page” to see if you are confirmed.  If not, your team needs to arrangements ASAP.

We are working from a FIRST PAY, FIRST PLAY policy.

How can you make payment?

  1. USSSA site – registration fees AND gate must be paid via the USSSA site.
  2. Check – You can send a check to our office. The check will not be deposited until the tournament begins. Please remember, we schedule on a FIRST PAY, FIRST PLAY policy.  Checks take longer to process.  Check MUST arrive by the DEADLINE.