TSMC – Field Location

List below are the TENTATIVE location of each division.  Locations may change at any time as we are still working a allocation resources.

DFW  =  still working on your division

Split Bracket = We will be splitting some division into at least 2 brackets.

Division Location
7AAGrimes/Mosley, Desoto

8AAGrimes/Mosley, Desoto
8OpenGrimes/Mosley, Desoto
9AAGrimes/Mosley, Desoto
9AAAGrimes/Mosley, Desoto
10AATriple Creek / 3 games at Bakerfield
10AAA/10 OpenBakersfield, FM
11AABaseball Nation North/South
11AAAFord Park, Allen
11OpenGrimes / Texas Star
12AABaseball Nation North/South
12AAABakersfield, Texas Star
12OpenBakersfield, Texas Star
13AATriple Creek, Celebration Park
13AAAMike Lewis, Texas Star
13OpenGrimes/Zieger, Desoto
14AAGrimes, Mike Lewis, Celebration Park
14AAATexas Star, Bakersfield, Celebration Park
14OpenTriple Creek, Mike Lewis