Where Are My USSSA Points?

A question that we (as host) continue to answer is.... "Where are our points"

The answer is simple...it's a process that takes time.  Although results are posted almost immediate, typically it takes 10-14 days from the end of the tournament before your points will be awarded.  In short, Tournament Host set the results and USSSA Texas applies the points.

Here is the process.

  1. Tournament Ends
  2. Results are reported by host online through the USSSA system
  3. Paper/Manual sanction report(s) and host fees (check) are sent to the USSSA Regional Office in Natchitoches, LA sometime during the following week.
  4. Check and reports arrive at the State Office
  5. Points are awarded

As you can easily see, there are several place in the process that can cause delays.  At any time you are concerned, please contact Bernie Keasler at bkeasler@texastourn.wpengine.com or call Perry Holloway at 214.906.2556