World Series General Information

Thank you for your participation in the 2017 USSSA World Series.

Texas Tournament Baseball will be your host of the 13AA division being held at one the nicest parks in the Metroplex.  Breckenridge Park, Richardson Texas.

As we move closer to the event, we will continue to post critical information on our website that pertains to U13AA division.  We would highly encourage your team to continue to follow the USSSA website for general information.

USSSA Baseball uses a pool play / bracket play format in its World Series. Teams will be seeded in pools by USSSA Points where they will play a round robin. Following pool play teams will be re-seeded into the double elimination championship bracket (The tournament director reserves the right to modify the bracket if needed.) The exact format, (e.g., number of pools, quantity of teams in each pool, etc.), will be set by the World Series Tournament Director following USSSA Baseball Guidelines and being approved by the USSSA Baseball National Director. Teams are guaranteed five (5) games.


  1. Admission: Gate fees must be paid cash. We cannot accept credit cards or checks for admission. All parks require an arm band to enter and all parks honor the arm bands. The weekly pass is an armband that must be worn the entire event. If it is altered or removed, the person will be asked to purchase another one or vacate the park. Anyone who cannot wear a wristband all week for any work or other related issues are asked to purchase daily admission. All wristbands must be worn on the wrist. No exceptions.
  2. Behavior: This is the warning for inappropriate behavior. Managers/Coaches are responsible for their fans. Anyone refusing to follow rules will be ejected immediately for the remainder of the event and the manager of the team will also be removed from the event. ALL EJECTIONS, FOR ANY REASON, WILL CARRY A 1 GAME PLUS 1 GAME SUSPENSION AND CAN NOT RETURN TO THE PARK.
  3. Coolers: We will allow small personal size coolers inside the park.  The team may also bring a water cooler or a cooler full of water into the park; however, those must stay within the dugout.  Although outside food is allowed, no large picnic type or “team food” can be brought into the park.  This are plenty of shady areas outside the complex for those types of activities.Anyone caught with adult beverages within the park, including the parking lot, will be permanently removed from the tournament and the appropriate local authorities will be notified.  In addition, the team will be subject to DISQAULIFICATION and reported to USSSA for further sanction.
  4. Results: If you see a result posted incorrectly, please see your site director immediately. We will be happy to review any card for input errors.   Please make sure you know what you are signing on the game card.  Once you have signed it, we will stand by what you signed.
  5. Pitching Rule: Our staff WILL NOT discuss “what if” pitching with you or any of your parents. Please familiarize yourself with the pitching rules as they apply to a 5 day event.  All pitching question will be considered a protest and a $100 cash payment will be required before we will start the process.  Again, please familiarize yourself with the protest procedures.
  6. The Head Coach is the ONLY PERSON who can communicate on the team’s behalf – period.

If you have an questions, please contact Perry Holloway at 214.906.2556 or email Bernie Keasler at