World Series Check-In

Texas Tournament Baseball conducts our USSSA World Series Check-In during the Skills Competition.  Please have 1 team representative visit the team check-in tables anything during the competition.

To make the check-in process go must faster, please have your birth certification in roster order.  In addition, please make sure names on your roster match IDENTICAL to the birth certification.  If the BC has Robert Smith, the roster must also have Robert and not Robbie.

Please have the follow items ready for our staff to review.

  • Proof of Team Insurance 
  • 2 Copies of USSSA Team Roster
    Make sure you have a current roster/registration certificate.  All player additions must be made through the USSSA Online Roster Control Center in advance of check-in.  No additions will be permitted at check-in.  No handwritten additions to your roster will be accepted.  You must turn in only clean, printed copy obtained through the USSSA Roster Control Center.

  • Photocopies of all Players' State Birth Certificates:
    Once our staff has reviewed your birth certificate copies, we will promptly return all copies.  Copies of Birth Certificates are OK; however, hospital certificates are not accepted.  Only government issued formed of identification are accepted.To expedited the process - Please have your BC in roster order.
  • In the event Player Identity is Questioned:
    USSSA and Texas Tournament Baseball wishes to insure fairness.  If the identity of a player is questioned, we will ask to see the "original" documentation which could include the Social Security card for any player 15 years of age or younger.  For players 16 and older, a driver's license with photo will be required.
  • Ineligible Players:
    Any team using an ineligible player in a World Series shall be immediately disqualified.  The manager, and ineligible player, shall be permanently banned from further participation  in USSSA.If a fraudulent or altered state or federal document, attesting to age, is presented,  we will turn such document and information over to the  appropriate law enforcement agency for prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.